What to wear on the first day of nursery


What to wear on the first day of nursery school for our little ones is a recurring question from mothers and fathers . Especially when they are first timers. This day is a proof for both children and parents, since it is the first time they part .

The nursery school is an educational center for babies between 0 and 3 years old , so the way to face this new step will depend on the age and how prepared the child is to separate from their parents. Also for your stay more enjoyable we must make sure that they will have everything they need .

The best is ask the center to make sure what things they already have and what we must contribute. Although usually what our little ones need We have left it in the following list:

Baby bottles or something to eat . Depending on the age and the schedule in which you are going to attend. For the bottles it is recommended that they be labeled with the name and in the event that they already eat solid, we will add a bib and cutlery.

Diapers, creams and wipes . We can ask the center if they can be left there instead of taking them every day. To make them more comfortable to transport, we can leave them in a toiletry bag.

Sabanitas , coo or coat . If our little one is going to take a nap, we will leave these accessories in the nursery, taking them home when they need to be washed.

Comfortable clothes . If it can be two changes, the better. We will label them with the name of our little one so that he does not get lost.

Toys or your favorite toy . Especially for the first days, so you will feel safer in a place where you don’t know anyone.

Medicines and instructions . Very important if the child is taking any treatment, if he has allergies or an intolerance. We must communicate to your caregivers in detail everything you will need.

Where to keep the nursery things?

To store the toiletries such as diapers, creams, wipes … we have a toiletry bag in Liberty London or Vichy prints. They match our changing tables and the rest of the accessories in the collection.

For smaller objects, such as the pacifier, we have mini toiletry bags. Also in Liberty London or Vichy prints and to match the rest of the accessories in our collection.

And for our little one to keep his baby, toys or snack we have some nice backpacks or bags. All of them also with the fabrics that characterize our collection.

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