Universal baby footmuff

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We have winter just around the corner and there is no accessory that better comes to parents at this time like our universal baby bag.

Our bags have a bamboo or shearling interior, made with the best quality fabrics and with designs in Liberty, Vichy or knit . It has zippers on both sides so you can use only the base. Ideal so that the little ones can continue using it once they grow up.

Why choose a universal sack for our baby?

A universal bag means that it can serve as a carrycot or bassinet , and even when they are in arms and we need to protect them from the cold. They do not have the specific measure of any brand, so you can use it in your stroller without any problem .

Lining in bamboo or sheepskin. Which to choose?

At Les Piculins we work with two different fabrics to make the interior of our universal bags: bambula and borreguito.

The bambula is a light fabric, similar in appearance and drape to linen , which can be made synthetic although there is also cotton bambula.

Its main characteristic is its irregular folds and very close together , similar to pleating, which occur naturally in its manufacture and do not fade with washing.

The sheepskin is the fabric that imitates the skin of the sheep, it is a fabric with a soft texture , perfect for providing warmth.

If you don’t know which interior to choose for your jacket, we always advise:

For warm areas: bamboo interior

Cold areas: shearling interior

Design of our bags

In the production of our bags we always use three fabrics:

Point. The knitted fabric is made up of a single yarn forming loops that intertwine with itself to give rise to a mesh-like fabric. The tights can be lengthened or widened, thus achieving one of the most important characteristics of the knit , its elasticity .

Vichy . Fabric made from cotton characterized by having pictures of squares or stripes . It is manufactured in multiple colors combined two by two, always one of them being white, and with various sizes of squares and stripes.

Liberty . High quality printed fabric characterized by carrying small flowers although they can also be printed with animals, butterflies, stars …

Advantages of universal baby bags

It offers babies comfort and safety . Inside the sac, they can have a sensation similar to what they had in the mother’s womb . They feel comfortable, warm and protected, so they can walk and sleep peacefully no matter how cold it is.

They provide extra heat for cold days, preventing our babies from getting cold. They are much better than blankets since once the baby begins to move he can uncover. However, with a jacket it is impossible for them to uncover even if they move energetically.

They have other uses . Thanks to their zippers , they open completely and can be used as a blanket, changing table, as a base for them to play …

They are easy to wash . Machine, with your baby’s hypoallergenic detergent and a maximum temperature of 30ºC. It cannot be ironed or tumbled.

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