What to give at a baby shower


You have been invited or invited to this very fashionable celebration but you have no idea of baby shower gifts. At Les Piculins we give you some idea.

What is a baby shower?

It is a party imported from the United States that celebrates the arrival of a baby. It is usually celebrated a month or two before birth and is also called by other names such as a baby shower, baby shower, or maternity party.

Baby shower translated into Spanish means “baby rain”, due to the amount of gifts that parents receive at the party.

Ideas to give at a baby shower

It depends a lot on the time the baby is born, but a newborn, even if it is born in summer, always loses heat quickly . The clothes most demanded by parents are:

– Hats, depending on the weather, light or thicker.
– Openwork booties or cotton socks.
– Mittens, if recommended by the doctor.
– Long or short sleeve crossover t-shirts.
– Leggings or frogs, depending on the weather.
– Long and short sleeve crossover bodysuits.
– Pajamas both long and short sleeves.

We can always ask future dads that they need clothes to make the gift even more successful.

Diaper cake or diaper cake . A classic of the baby shower but also one of the most practical gifts. And it is that when a baby is born, every diaper is little. It is one of the products that are most used in the first months of the baby’s life and the expense that parents have on this product is high. A very attractive gift to which we can add other details such as: pacifiers, pacifier holders or a bottle as the icing on the cake, never better!

Crafts with clothes . A good packaging or presentation makes a gift attract much more attention. If you decide to give clothes to the baby, you can choose to present it in a more special way. For example, if you want to give bodysuits and socks, a curious way to give them is by forming cupcakes. We will roll up the body with a sock inside and the other that protrudes a little above and below the body. The bodysuit will be the cupcake. The toe of the sock serves as a topping and the shank will serve as a cupcake tray. On the internet there are many ideas for making crafts with clothes.

Babies do not need many hygiene products , so before giving a product you should consult with parents, who together with their pediatrician are the ones who know what the baby needs. Other products related to hygiene are.

– Bathtub.
– Thermometer to know at what temperature the water is.
– Set of towels or bathrobe.
Fluffy and soft changing table.
Toiletry bag to store hygiene products.

In addition to the clothes and diapers that we have discussed above, other products that many parents will use when their baby is born will be:

Sabanitas and crib clothes. Since the first months the baby spends most of his time in his crib and can stain them more often.
Shawls or lullabies , to keep the baby wrapped and warm, since his immune system is still developing.

Most of the gifts that we have discussed above such as clothes, pacifiers, pacifier holders … can be personalized with the baby’s initial or name . Or decoration such as pictures or names for the baby’s bedroom door.

Another idea could be a personalized book or story with your name and your parents’ names.

We can ask the mother or father if they want to give a special touch to their stroller to give matching covers, hoods and bags.

If we want to leave future dads with their mouths open, we can go beyond giving clothes, accessories and toys at a baby shower. We can focus on making life more comfortable for parents when their little one comes into the world.

Homemade food . You can give away “vouchers” of homemade food for a certain time. You can hire a food delivery company or organize with other assistants and cook portions that can be frozen.
Help with housework . As with food, it happens with housework. The first months of the baby’s life will be chaotic months for their parents and they will not be able to dedicate time to other things. Help with cleaning, collecting, cooking, shopping … will be very well received.

Here are some baby shower gift ideas. And you, have you been invited to such a party? What have you brought as a gift for the future baby?

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