Footmuffs for Bugaboo Donkey

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The bags for Bugaboo Donkey have been one of our latest works. This twin stroller is one of the most demanded by moms and dads for its size and ease of maneuvering.

What is the Bugaboo Donkey?

The Bugaboo Donkey is the twin stroller of the Bugaboo brand . There are different models depending on the characteristics of the family:

– For siblings of different ages, consisting of a seat and carrycot.
– For a single baby with a side basket with plenty of space
– And, finally, for fraternal twins .

Footmuffs for Bugaboo Donkey

Our bags for Bugaboo Donkey Twin are handcrafted with cotton fabrics so that they can be washed as often as necessary . Our most popular products are made with Vichy fabrics in countless colors or Liberty fabrics in different patterns and colors.

At Les Piculins we DO NOT work with imitation leather or laminated since although they seem cleaner because they repel stains in the long term, they give worse results since they require very gentle washing so as not to damage them.

Our bags are also adapted to colder temperatures, since their interior can be made of fleece or fleece .

Footmuffs for twin chair in soft pink liberty

These beautiful bags are a mix of two of our favorite fabrics: soft pink liberty and pink gingham .

The soft pink liberty fabric is a fabric with small flowers in pastel pink tones. It has been used for making the inside of the bag and the ruffles, as well as for harness covers.

The outer part of the cover is made of pink gingham and can be removed with zippers , so that the seat part can be used as a cover during the warmer months.

The details of the steering wheel, harness covers and wooden buttons make this jacket a very special product.

Matching bag with bags for twin seat

At Les Piculins we also think of those moms and dads who have to carry everything they need for two babies. That is why our XL bread boxes are ideal for twin trolleys.

They are just as tall as normal bread boxes (so they don’t rub against your legs) but wider. And like everything at Les Piculins they are made to match bags or covers!

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