Why choose Les Piculins?

On Les Piculins we create all kinds of accessories for baby carriages, accessories for walks and a basket for your baby, made in Spain from artisan way and with great care. Our dedication and love for what we do are reflected in all our collections made by hand, with high quality fabrics.

In our workshop we put all our passion and we take care of even the smallest detail in all our confections, ranging from bags for strollers, bags and baby covers, to baby basket and accessories for mothers …

We also carry out fully personalized custom orders , in which we attend to all your needs and guide you in what you need to achieve an ideal result.

Trolley bags

We design trolley bags in different patterns and shades. The perfect complement, to match your stroller, to carry all your baby’s essentials.

Baby Sacks

Our handmade baby bags are suitable for bassinets and carrycot. Lined in different fabrics, depending on the area in which you live, so that your baby is warm during his walk.

Baby Basket

All the necessary accessories for your baby and for you, beautiful maternity suitcases, document holders, practical toiletry bags, blankets, shawls, changing tables …

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