How to take care of baby clothes?


Today we leave you a post about how to take care of Les Piculins baby clothes. Some moms write to us asking us if they can wash our bags, bags, bags, etc … the answer is: yes, absolutely YES.

What are Les Piculins garments like?

One of the reasons why we do not work with laminates and leatherette, fabrics that although in the short term may seem cleaner because they repel stains, is because in the long term they end up giving a worse result with the handicap that they require very gentle washing so as not to damage them. .

At les piculins we work mainly with fabrics made of cotton or that contain a high proportion of it so that you can wash it as much as you need.

In general, babies who go in a carrycot tend to get their bags less dirty, especially if you use gauze or protective pads to collect their drool or when they spit up.

Regarding those who go in a chair: if your little one walks and wears little shoes, they will probably dirty the part of the feet when you sit in the chair after having been running around. Also the little ones who like to eat while walking in their chair, tend to get the cover dirty when they touch it with their little hands.

Washing tips to care for “Les Piculins” baby clothes

We leave you our washing tips so that your sheaths look pristine:

They can be washed in the washing machine with your baby’s hypoallergenic detergent , as they are garments with a high cotton content, we recommend setting them at a temperature of 30º , with a medium spin .

We advise not to use a dryer.

For resistant stains , our mothers’ remedy: green soap before putting the garment in the washing machine.

To iron it, you should not press the garment too much with the iron so that the filling does not go down and it continues to be borondito. Just apply a lot of steam to smooth out the little wrinkles.

Is it necessary to wash the covers before use?

There’s no need. In our workshop we take great care during the manufacturing process and always before packing each garment it goes through our ironing center where we give it a lot of steam to sanitize it.

In addition, the garments lose their “sizing” with the first wash and it is a pity that this happens before you and your baby release it.

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