Bath cape, the perfect gift for this Christmas


Baby bathing caps, the perfect gift for this Christmas. At Les Piculins we are always making new products for the youngest members of the family and our collection could not miss the swim capes. They are an essential accessory for a newborn and besides being a very practical gift with which you will be sure.

Advantages of the baby bath cape

What is a bath cape? A bath cape is a fairly wide towel that also has a hood. It is perfect to immediately tuck our baby in when he comes out of the bathroom and prevent him from getting cold. It can be used up to 24 months or more.

It is also a garment that favors the interrelation between the father or mother and the child: the adult has it on their lap, providing warmth and protection while it dries.

Why choose our bath cape

  1. As we have commented previously, it is an essential accessory to have before the arrival of the baby. It prevents you from losing heat when you leave the bathroom thanks to its hood and its easy donning. It can continue to be used for up to 2 years.
  2. Our capes are made of organic bamboo curl. Natural fabric, hypoallergenic and with antibacterial properties . Ideal for sensitive skin.
  3. Great resistance and durability . Made to accompany the baby in all their baths, keeping as the first day.
  4. Variety of designs . Combinations with 100% cotton fabrics with Liberty London or Vichy prints.
  5. Ideal to give to future parents. In addition to the fact that our bath capes have a presentation designed to give as gifts, they go with an infinity of our products.

Different textiles, unique gifts

At Les Piculins we have a wide variety of collections, offering everything from hoods, coats, bags … to bathing suits or toiletry bags all to match. Very colorful and eye-catching products when they go together. If you want to give a different gift or that your baby’s stroller and accessories look combined, do not hesitate to visit our store.

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