Babies in Autumn: 7 Tips to Stay Safe


Babies in Autumn they tend to catch colds easily That is why it is the season feared by parents.

In the fall they occur large temperature changes . Some days seem summery but in the afternoon the temperatures drop. in others, low temperatures and rains prevail.

It is also when the beginning of nursery school and our little ones tend to catch more viruses and get sick.

Therefore, from Les Piculins we are going to give some tips to prepare our babies for the arrival of autumn .

Tips to prepare our babies for autumn

  1. The onion theory o dress our baby in layers . This is how we adapt to the sudden changes in temperature that usually occur. We must avoid that they are very warm in the central hours of the day. And keep them warm as temperatures drop.
  2. Choose clothes with snaps or buttons to put on or take off more easily. For example, if our little one is wearing a button-down bodysuit, we will finish before removing the diaper and it will not be cold. Or if, on the contrary, it is too hot and you are wearing a jacket, we can remove it quickly and without hurting you.
  3. Chair or trolley always well equipped . It is better to take with us: the plastic for rain, which also protects us against the wind, and can be easily stored in the bag; a blanket or coo in case the night catches us with our baby in the street. And warm clothes for our little one.
  4. Hygiene . We have already learned it with the pandemic that we are experiencing due to Covid-19. A good one hand hygiene eliminates most of the viruses that we encounter on a day-to-day basis.
  5. Adequate food . In this we can only say that the guidelines established by the pediatrician are followed. Since he is the only one, together with the parents, who best knows what the baby needs.
  6. Bath time . Just as this time can be an ideal time for play, once autumn and winter arrive, it should be shortened so that our baby does not get cold. In addition to following the following tips:
    1. Wash the head at the end so that it is less cold.
    2. Keep the towel, clothes and diaper close by so that the baby does not have to wait.
    3. Keep the whole house at the same temperature so that there are no major changes in temperature when leaving the bathroom. If it cannot be, bathe and fix the baby in the same room. And always dry the head so that it is not damp.
  7. Bedtime . Ideally, you should not uncover at night so that you do not get cold but do not sleep too warm either. For this reason, the use of a bag is usually recommended, so that parents do not have to be aware all night if it is uncovered or not. In addition, they usually leave the baby’s arms in the air so that he does not get overwhelmed with the blanket. Very important also to use baby-friendly fabric sheets .

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