My baby is born in summer, what do I need to dress my stroller?

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What do I need to dress my stroller if my baby is born in summer? It is a very common question among the moms who contact us to dress their carrycot in summer. The area in which you live is decisive, we give you some recommendations so that you have everything you need and take your ideal baby his first months.

In the south (warm zone), we only need a cover to cover it, it will make the carrycot more “cozy” for your baby. These covers are padded, however, we use light fabrics such as cambric, plumeti, muslin … very appropriate for this season. A blanket will be the best complement to your carrycot, since it will reserve your baby for those summer nights when the temperature drops a bit.

If you live in the north (cold zone), toIn addition to the cover for the carrycot, you will need an extra coat. In this case, the mid-season mattress is perfect, it has a thin filling, it is reversible so that you can use it with two combinations and you can carry it folded in the lower basket of your cart to use it when you need it.

Another must for summer, our light lullaby. Both in a cold and warm area, you can carry it in your bag to tuck your baby in when you take him in your arms. Its muslin is very soft, made of cotton so as not to cause problems for your baby’s delicate skin.

Complements and accessories such as the bread basket , mattress for carrycot or hood , will make your carrycot even more combined and sweet.

As for the combinations, you have many options depending on your style. We help you find that perfect combination so that you can show off your baby’s first walks.

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