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Vichy Aqua Bread Bag


Vichy Aqua Bread Bag

Gingham mini square bread bag in aqua or powder blue tone. With “detachable” handles so you can wash them without having to wash the entire bag, since these are the ones that rub the most.

It also has a long strap to hang from the shoulder. Natural wood buttons.

It includes a set of laces that you can easily put on and take off.

If you prefer laces in bambula, you just have to indicate it in observations.

At Les Piculins we also have a matching with our bread basket: the Vichy Aqua Baby Footmuff , the Yo Yo Vichy Aqua Mat and the Universal Vichy Aqua Mat .

Keep your bag as new as the first day by following our washing tips. Machine, with your baby’s hypoallergenic detergent, maximum 30ºC. It cannot be ironed or tumbled.

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