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Light Swaddle Vichy Aqua


Light lullaby, in soft white bambula with ruffle in aqua gingham . Ideal to hold your baby when you take him out of the carrycot on summer nights. You will also use it to cover your baby in his seat.

Is shawl The lightweight function is to protect the baby whether it is being held or taking a walk. Being made of light fabrics they do not suffocate the baby like a blanket would. They are very practical and useful Therefore, many moms or dads have more than one and two, because they are used daily.

Our blanket has other matching products such as: Vichy Aqua Baby Footmuff , the Yo Yo Vichy Aqua Mat and the Universal Vichy Aqua Mat . Also our Mini Vichy Aqua Bag .

Keep your lullaby like new , following our washing tips. Machine, with your baby’s hypoallergenic detergent, maximum 30ºC. It cannot be ironed or tumbled.

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