Gifts for newborns: practical and beautiful

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Are you looking for gifts for newborns? Don’t you know what to give to those parents who are expecting their baby? At Les Piculins we have a wide variety of products that are perfect as practical gifts for newborns.

Anti-roll cushion, perfect gift for newborns

The anti-roll cushions are recommended for babies between 0 and 6 months . They can be used both in the baby’s crib and in the stroller . And with them we avoid incorrect postures when sleeping.

It also prevents accidents . If we are changing his diaper or his clothes in a bed without side protections, with an anti-roll cushion the baby will not be able to make a movement that makes him fall.

These anti-tip cushions are made by hand with white lace. Many are adorned with bows. In this case they are sewn so that they do not fall apart, as a safety measure .

Changing tables

Practical and cute for baby. To change the baby’s clothes or diaper, while avoiding hard or cold surfaces . Our changing tables are ideally sized to use both at home and on the street .

Its interior is soft and soft velvet touch and waterproof . Open it has a size of 49 x 74 cm and closed 32 x 22 x 8 cm. We have them in different prints and fabrics: Liberty London, with flowers, animals, Vichy …

Baby sack

Beautiful and universal since they serve for carrycot and bassinets. You can give it away without having to know what cart the parents have.

The advantages of the bags is that they keep the baby’s head out while they sleep. We prevent dangerous situations such as blankets or sheets covering your head. It also keeps them at a constant temperature .

Our bags are adapted to the area in which the baby lives or at the time of year in which it is born since we make it by hand in bamboo or lambskin. Llevan cremalleras a los lados para que se pueda seguir usando cuando crecen los peques.

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Shawls, for leaving the hospital

Many grandmothers, aunts, best friends … seek to give the classic scarf that we have had as a baby but without giving up the design, prints and fabrics that are worn today.

With a matching cover, in addition to being a special gift, it is very practical , since it is advisable to always carry one, also in summer, since many stores or restaurants use the air conditioning or for those summer nights when it gets cold .

More details for baby

There are gifts that, in addition to being beautiful, make everyday life with a baby easier. For example, a document holder to match the baby’s bag. All the baby’s documentation at hand, such as a health card, vaccines … and with fresh and elegant designs.

Another ideal detail are the mittens for babies , made of fur or sheepskin. Or the toiletry bag, to order all the hygiene and bath things for the baby.

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