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Roll Cushion Liberty Bows Pastel Animals


Anti-roll cushions in a very tasty raw Bambula, with wide loops in Liberty. For babies up to 5 or 6 months of age, so that they sleep in the correct position without turning around at night. They also prevent choking …

Has of I embellish wide loops in Liberty . As a safety measure, the loops are sewn so that they do not fall apart and you do not have to worry about making them. The pattern of the fabric has animals in pastel tones.

Removable padding so you can wash cover or padding separately.

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More details of our Liberty Bows Anti-Roll Cushion Pastel Animals

  • Removable padding.
  • Washing tips : Machine, with your baby’s hypoallergenic detergent, maximum 30ºC. It cannot be ironed or tumbled.

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