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Have you decided to buy a Jané brand stroller for your baby? You want to give it a personal touch with compatible Jané accessories ? At Les Piculins we make handbags, mats, sacks … that will be perfect in your cart with high-quality fabrics.

Jané is a Spanish brand of strollers, car seats and other childcare and maternity products. Jané is a group formed by brands Jané, Concord, Nurse and Be Cool.

Lately it is taking a lot of prominence, being the preferred brand of many moms and dads in front of big ones like Bugaboo . Many influencers like Paula Echevarría or María Pombo have trusted this brand for their babies.

But what are the preferred models of Jané? What are your advantage in front of others? In our blog today we talk about two models: Jané Muum Y Jané Crosslight

Crosslight, all-terrain stroller for city and mountain

Why is it considered a all terrain stroller ? Because it has a lightweight chassis aluminum and big wheels . They make it perfect for walking through all kinds of terrain: city, mountain …

The advantages for moms and dads are many. Adjustable handlebar at the height. Storage basket with capacity for 4 kg. Foot brake and front and rear suspension .

For the little ones it is also a very comfortable stroller. Its hood is extendable up to 3 positions with visor , so we will forget to bring an umbrella. Also has rear windows with ventilation, to have adequate ventilation at all times. And his footrest is adjustable .

Muum, practical and compact

Just like the above It has an adjustable handlebar, a 4 kg basket, adequate ventilation and an adjustable footrest.

It is a little heavier, it only has front suspension and the hood does not have a visor. But their strengths are the price So what Takes up less space creased.

Compatible Jané accessories

Both models are in various colors: gray, green … However you can give your personal touch with our accessories . We make them in fabrics Vichy and London Liberty of the highest quality. We have many designs: Vichy, medium Vichy in blue, pink … Liberty London fabrics with animals, flowers … and a variety of colors.

Seat mats

Our mats are universal and reversible s. They have a ruffle and we make matching harness covers.

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Trolley bags

We have two sizes: classic or mini model. The classic model or bread basket has more capacity. Comes with a loops of bambula or removable canvas. They are lined for consistency and there is a wide variety of models.

Our mini bags They are smaller in size but are also more practical. With zipper , are easy to attach to the handlebar thanks to its click buttons.

Baby bags

With interior in bamboo or sheepskin , depending on the time of year or the area where you live. Our sachets have varied designs and we make them in Liberty London or Vichy fabrics. They have zippers on both sides so that our little ones can continue using them when they grow up.

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If you are interested in some of our designs or want to know if they are compatible with your cart, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you on everything you need.

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