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Do you already have a Bugaboo stroller ? Wondering where to buy compatible Bugaboo Accessories ? At Les Piculins we make both mats , sacks or bags that will be perfect accessories for your Bugaboo.

Bugaboo is one of the most sought after and desired stroller brands by future parents. This brand was born with the premise that a baby carriage must move on the most demanding surfaces. That is why it has the central joint so characteristic of this brand.

Here are some of our most popular products : accessories compatible with all Bugaboo pushchair models:

Compatible accessories for Bugaboo

The steam blue hood is one of the most popular among these strollers. And we are not surprised since it has a beautiful blue color. At Les Piculins we have two collections that are perfect for this canopy: Vichy Aqua Collection and Liberty Aqua Collection.

We have a wide variety of fabrics and colors to be fashionable with your Bugaboo. We leave you a list of products made by hand and with the most beautiful fabrics:

Bread bags and mini bags

One of our star products are bread bags . They have a great capacity to store the baby’s things. Its handles are “removable” so that they can be easily washed.

The mini bags are smaller in size than the previous ones. It is accessed through a zipper and is attached to the stroller with two handles that fasten with a click button.


Baby bags , one of the most beautiful and practical accessories in our store. We make them both for cold or warmer areas or according to the time of year in which the baby is born. For this reason, there are interiors with sheepskin or sheepskin .

Our universal bags have zippers on the sides to use only the base so that our little ones can continue using it when they grow up.

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Sheet or thin blanket to cover your baby. Made with light fabrics so as not to suffocate the baby. Practical to cover the little one when he is in his seat.


Do you need a mat compatible with your Bugaboo ? All our mats are universal and compatible with all Bugaboo models ( Fox, Cameleon, Bee, Donkey and Buffalo )

They are also reversible : in general, one side is made with a printed fabric and the other is plain. They also have their matching harness covers . If you have seen in our profile any other pattern that you like, contact us and we will inform you about availability and deadlines.

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