What type of bag to choose for my baby’s stroller?

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What type of bag to choose for my baby’s stroller? This is the header of many of the messages we receive on a daily basis. And it is that despite the fact that on our website you can find the same patterns for both mini bag as for the bread basket, its different design and size make you wonder. And no wonder, for us it would be very very difficult to decide on one!

We offer you our opinion and the advantages of each one of them.

Bread basket

It is the ideal bag if you are preparing the arrival of your baby. Being larger than the mini size, it will give you more room for the myriad of things that a newborn needs . It is also the favorite of moms with more classic tastes since they come prepared to attach detachable loops to the sides, which you can also substitute for others in a “plis”.

The handles that hold it to the handlebar are the part of the bag that gets the most dirty but surprise… we make them with removable handles so you can wash them without having to wash the entire bag. It has a long concealable handle so you can carry it on your shoulder.

Mini bag

Its main advantage is that it allows you to have the most essential things very close to hand. Being smaller than the bread bin, it does not overload the car , which is a recommendation that most manufacturers insist on. All moms have sinned to put too much weight on the bag with the corresponding consequences of the type: the car overturns backwards or even the breakage of the chassis.

Remember that the maximum weight supported by the chairs (with very few exceptions) ranges between 15 and 17 kg.

It is the favorite of moms who flee from the conventional and look for something different . The moms who buy it usually do it in love with its design and complement it with a little satchel or toiletry bag to carry in the car basket.

For summer yes or yes, being shorter than the bread basket it is higher and you will not touch it with your legs when you walk your baby.

For moms and dads who practice power walking (the sport par excellence when you don’t have someone to leave the little ones with hehe).

So far the possibilities of our two bag models but surely you can think of a thousand more advantages to opt for one or the other and that is that in the end each one has its preferences and needs and no one knows them better than yourself.

We hope it has been useful to you!

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