What to wear when I go for a walk with my baby

Trolley bags

Our baby needs a series of daily activities that are beneficial to your health . One of them is the walk with the parents, in which he receives stimuli from outside . Now that autumn is coming and it’s less hot, it’s good go out to take advantage of the sun in the morning and afternoons.

Basics for the walk with the baby

Cart or chair . Depending on the age of the baby. In the first months of life of our baby we will use a stroller that can fully recline. Later you will go to a chair so that he is seated. This must be equipped with a sheath to protect the little one in the cold months and a umbrella for the hot months.

Stroller bag . In it we will carry everything our baby may need while we are not at home: their food, diapers, wipes, changing table … Therefore it is advisable that don’t be too small .

What to bring in the cart bag

In this list you will find the essentials to take on each trip.

Diapers . It will depend on the r ato that we will be away from home . In general, a baby uses about 8 diapers a day, although over time the parents know their little one perfectly and know how to adjust better.

Changing table . We avoid leaving our baby on cold or unhygienic surfaces while we are changing the diaper.

Wipes and creams . For both the diaper change and the skin health which is covered with it. Like to clean the hands or mouth when they get dirty.

One or two changes of clothes . The little ones can get dirty eating or during the diaper change and sometimes it is necessary to change clothes.

Bibs to use while we feed him. And a bottle of water , if you can take it, to keep you hydrated.

Blanket or shawl , in case the temperature changes drastically.

Important documents . Do not forget the document holder with all the important documentation: health card, ID, intolerances, allergies … In case we need to go to doctor anytime .

Toys . Will keep it entertaining at times when you are most uncomfortable during the ride.

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