What does a baby who is born in summer need?


Being born in summer has A lot of advantages . Moms and dads can give long walks with your baby thanks to the warm temperatures. It also can feed the baby outdoors . There are no big changes in temperatures that occurs in winter with heating …

But it also creates many Doubts . Whether you are a new mother or father or are looking for a gift for that newborn, you will ask yourself: What does a baby who is born in summer need? What clothes are suitable? Should a newborn hat be worn in summer?

The layette of a baby born in summer

Although they are born in summer, babies quickly lose heat from the head and tend to have cold feet . For them always must be added to the basket:

– Light hats.
– Openwork booties or cotton socks.
– Mittens, if recommended by the doctor.

The clothes of a baby born in summer must be of natural and breathable fabrics , As the cotton and linen :

– Long-sleeved crossover t-shirts.
– Leggings or frogs, depending on the weather.
– Long and short sleeve crossover bodysuits.
– Pajamas both long and short sleeves.
Sabanitas light.
Lullabies light.

To go out for a walk, you better bet r for dressing the baby for layers . So shall easier to undress if temperatures rise. For summer, it is better to choose short pants and short-sleeved shirts (or long-sleeved, always taking into account the ambient temperature). Or short-sleeved dresses.

How to give a layette for a newborn in summer?

If you are preparing your own baby’s basket or thinking of giving one as a gift, you can present it all in one handbag or suitcase .

Our maternity bags have an idea size l to store his basket and first wear when you go to the hospital, and when your baby grows up he will continue to accompany him on his first nights away from home.

And if you want that dear baby to go together, you can add a changing table , Makeup bag Y document holder matching. You will not miss anything!

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