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Medium Pink Gingham Maternity Suitcase


We have put a lot of love in our briefcases, it is in powdery pink medium gingham with waterproof interior, side pockets and elastic bands so that everything stays in place. You can keep all their little things in it for their arrival at the hospital: cotton bodysuits, pajamas, lullaby or baby jacket, hat … their first wear, diapers …

It can continue to be used once your baby is no longer a newborn. Its size is ideal to use on those short trips or weekends at the grandparents’ house.

Keep your maternity bag looking new by following these laundry tips. Machine, with your baby’s hypoallergenic detergent, maximum 30 °.

Do not use the dryer, when ironing, do not press too hard so that the filling does not suffer variations.

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