What does a baby need to go to the beach


If you’re new mom or new dad you will be wondering what does your baby need to go to the beach for the first time. Who says beach, also says lake or pool.

It is recommended not to take babies under 6 months to the beach , since their skin is not ready to be applied protective cream. Consult with the pediatrician all the doubts related to the sun and your baby, nobody better to plan a visit to the safe beach.

Once we are sure that our baby can spend time at the beach without risking his health, it is time to do the list of everything we will need .

A large and comfortable bag to carry

The main thing is to choose a handbag with great capacity and make it work for you comfortable to carry. In the end, what you decide to bring will depend on the time you want to spend on the beach, be it a few hours or a whole day.

  1. Sun cream . Babies should always use high or very high protection to go to the beach or pool.
  2. Diapers and wipes . This cannot be forgotten whenever we leave home, whether to spend a day at the beach or go for a walk in the city. We will have to take into account whether or not our baby will get wet in the sea.
  3. Long sleeve t-shirts . Made of light and clear fabric. If they are long-sleeved, the better. We will take more than one, in case our baby plays on the shore or even bathes with it, so it will be doubly protected.
  4. Towel to dry the baby . Once we finish the bath or playing on the shore, it will always be more comfortable if it is dry.
  5. Bedspread, extra towel, pareo … to lay the baby down . Our baby will spend the whole day playing or sleeping on a dry surface. Preventing your skin from being in contact with the heat of the sand or the lounger.
  6. Hat or visor . Very important to protect your face.
  7. Plastic bags . To put the swimsuit, clothes, toys … that are wet.
  8. Toys . If we want to keep our little one entertained, beach toys cannot be missing. The shovel, the cube … what better way to discover the sand than playing!
  9. Food . It will depend on whether we are going to spend the whole day and the little one needs his lunch or a full one. Or, if on the contrary, it will be only a few hours. Then a snack will suffice. We can take it in one little satchel aside to have it on hand.
  10. Baby documentation . Very important. The document holder They are ideal since all the documentation of our baby is at hand.

Other essentials to go to the beach with a baby

Umbrella . We prevent the sun from shining directly on your skin and it is where you will spend most of the time . Even if we are going to spend the day on the sun loungers offered by the beach bars, it is necessary. This way we get more free space from the damaging sun.

Portable pool . If our baby is very small or gives fear the sea, With an inflatable pool you can cool off without having a bad time. In addition to having little capacity the water won’t be so cold .

Anti-tip float . For babies than adventurers who fearlessly enjoy the sea. In this way they will be safer and the calmer parents.

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