Lullabies for spring summer


Lullabies for spring summer they begin to be one of the best-selling products. The good weather arrives, the temperatures rise but our newborns still need extra protection . His immune system is not developed and they need a little more heat. They still can’t handle the air conditioners or the approaching night-time drops. That’s what lullabies are for.

What is a lullaby and what is it for?

The lullaby is a light blanket, a shawl , with which the little ones are wrapped. Its most common use is to lull newborns. Its function is protect them Y keep them warm .
The RAE defines “lullaby” as “low and monotonous singing to lull children to sleep.” But it is much more than that meaning. Is he link that is created between the baby and his mom or dad. A moment of love, tranquility and protection Between both.

Essential in winter, lullabies are also recommended for spring summer. On these dates it is common to use air conditioners or lower temperatures at night . That is why it is essential to always have one at hand: we can cover our baby keeping your body temperature constant and avoiding a possible cold .

Lullaby uses

Its uses are unlimited . For the exit of the hospital. The ride your baby’s diary. When removing it from its carrycot or bassinet. To keep it warm while eating … For this reason many mothers and fathers acquire several.

Special lullabies

At Les Piculins we have made a special lullaby: the light lingerie lullaby . A real jewel made of soft muslin. It has a delicate curly embroideredlace around the contour and detail of a bow and natural mother-of-pearl charm.

This lullaby is perfect for christening of your little one or for others special occasions in which your baby wears his batones, skirts, or more classic outfits. You can buy our lullaby for baptism in the following link.

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