Les Piculins collaborates in the new Bebelux crib


This past weekend the Bebelux brand has launched its new crib. Bebelux is a toy brand that manufactures toy trolleys, chairs, cribs … All inspired by the vintage style , using the same materials and production processes as the originals.

For the launch, choose a time marked by the beginning of communions but also a time when girls and boys are playing at home more than ever due to the situation we are going through.

The day they contacted us to comment on the idea we will keep it in our memory as one of the “top ten” moments in our history, since we have followed this house from the beginning and for us it has been a satisfaction to be part of yours. .

We have designed their garments going back “some” years ago, when we were the ones who played with cribs and dolls. If we had had this toy crib, we would have been “blown away”! Its reversible pieces , the fabrics so sweet, the soft pink gingham with a slight salmon tone and the little mother-of-pearl buttons in the shape of a heart make it a jewel for the little ones and not so little ones.

The crib consists of a classic structure replica of a baby’s crib , handcrafted in his Bebelux workshops just as his father did 40 years ago. The vestments consist of several pieces: protector, reversible bedspread and mattress, pillow and leg cover flounce ; that will give a lot, but a lot of play to the children.

You can find the bassinet “Les Piculins” on page Bebelux: www.bebelux.es

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