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There are many moms and dads who are assailed by the doubt about if buying a roll cushion for your newborn is a good option Or on the contrary, it will not be of use to your little one. In Les Piculins we tell you why we recommend its use and we show you all the models available in our online store, if you finally decide to buy an anti-roll cushion for your little one.

What is a roll cushion?

The anti-roll cushion is an accessory for your baby’s stroller that is very practical in its first months of life. Especially used for babies under 6 months . It serves to keep the baby on his side , in a correct posture thus avoiding the movement of the baby while sleeping in the stroller or in the crib.

In addition, once you do not need to use the anti-roll cushion for the crib, you can place it as a decoration in your baby’s bed or room.

Why use roll cushion?

One of the main reasons to use a roll cushion is to avoid sudden death of the baby by suffocation or choking. By correcting your baby’s posture, you prevent him from turning or turning around, thus adopting a posture that favors these types of accidents.

Where do you put the roll cushion?

The first thing we have to do is place our baby on his side and the anti-roll cushion behind his back to prevent the baby from turning.

Les Piculins Roll Cushions

On Les Piculins we make roll cushions for your baby handmade. Made with very soft and cozy white bamboo and with removable padding which allows you to wash the bag separately. As for the models, in Les Piculins you will find from our most classic anti-roll cushion with ribbon and lace to our anti-roll cushions with beautiful loops from our collection of Liberty London prints , that you can combine with the others accessories for your cart available in our online store.

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